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Written Communication in Business


A course for professionals at all levels who want to improve their skills for writing English. The course is very practical and based on a three-stage approach to writing : pre-writing, writing and revising. The focus of the course is on writing E-mails, reports and letters that are clear, well-structured and concise.

Course Content

  • Factors shaping written communication
  • Forms of written communication
  • Use and abuse of E-mail
  • Rules and best practice for E-mail
  • The three stages in writing: Pre-writing, writing, revising
  • Organising and structuring a report
  • Understanding the audience
  • Writing styles that convey meaning
  • Achieving clarity and avoiding ambiguity
  • Writing business letters
  • Choosing the right words
  • Components of effective business writing in English


1 day for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

People who want to increase their effectiveness in written communication.