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Blended Learning and E-Learning

Blended Learning and E-Learning for Efficiency and Effectiveness

To improve the return on your investment in training, KLDS has developed a programme of blended learning and E-learning courses in financial services. The E-learning courses are accessible through the Internet on a 24/7 basis or they can be installed internally on your own E-learning platform. KLDS can also develop E-learning courses that are tailored to your unique requirements.

The advantages of E-learning are numerous: Course participants can learn at their own pace and convenience without leaving their desks; training is carried out independent of a trainer; there is no need for a separate training room; courses are accessible from anywhere in the world on a 24/7 basis.

As a complement to E-learning, KLDS also offers blended learning, which combines the efficiency of E-learning with the effectiveness of “face-to-face” training to achieve optimal results. While there are many variations on blended learning, the KLDS approach is usually based on a three-step learning cycle:

  • Acquisition : Course participants acquire new information through the use of a KLDS E-learning course.
  • Reinforcement : KLDS conducts “face-to-face” workshops to explain the information acquired through E-learning and apply it to market practice.
  • Application : After a workshop, KLDS financial service experts provide support to course participants in applying the newly acquired knowledge to their everyday work. The support can be provided face-to-face, by E-mail or online.

Whether it is through E-learning alone or blended learning, KLDS' use of computer-based methods improves the return on your investment in training by reducing the time spent in the classroom, raising retention rates among course participants and ensuring the practical application of the knowledge acquired.