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Language Training

KLTS offers two kinds of language training:

  • General language training
  • Specialised language training

General Language Training Courses

The general training courses that KLTS provides are available for all levels from beginner to advanced. The courses are practical, but also very flexible in terms of content (i.e., business focus), method (e.g., reading and discussing texts or primarily conversational) and frequency (e.g., weekly, bi-monthly or monthly).

As an example of the KLTS approach, we can consider a client who works in the investment fund industry and wants to improve his English. The course that we prepared for him focused on the use of English in the transfer agency and in client service for investment funds. The content of the course and thus the course material were based on real situations in the fund industry.

If required by the client, general language courses can be delivered by videoconference, e.g., FaceTime or Skype.

Specialised Language Courses: Language and the Law

KLTS has several accreditations from the Luxembourg government as an authorised training company. One of the accreditations was granted by the Ministry of Justice and the Luxembourg Bar, authorising KLTS to prepare jurists for the mandatory law exams in French and to meet the language requirements for Luxembourgish and German all of which are prerequisites to practicing law in Luxembourg. KLTS has the required accreditation to provide jurists with the necessary preparation and certification to pass the Luxembourg Bar exam.

In providing these types of training courses, our approach is not only linguistic and grammatical, it also covers the practical application of the different languages in the legal field. To achieve this goal, we cover the following legal aspects among others: Understanding court proceedings in the target languages, reading and translating legal documentation, communicating with other jurists, clients and colleagues. In the advanced courses, KLTS can help lawyers prepare the defence of a client in any of the target languages.

Specialised Language Courses: Luxembourg Nationality

The Luxembourg passport is ranked second in the Global Passport Power Index (cf., https://www.passportindex.org), which has led to a large demand for acquiring Luxembourg citizenship. To obtain a Luxembourg passport, applicants must attend courses and/or pass a language exam in Luxembourgish. KLTS is an authorised trainer for Luxembourgish, so we can prepare applicants to meet these requirements and help them achieve the results that they expect.

There are two scenarios that apply to the acquisition of a Luxembourg passport:

  • If an applicant has resided in Luxembourg for at least 20 years, then he/she can attend 40 hours of Luxembourgish courses with a certified trainer like KLTS and obtain the nationality. For this scenario, there is no language exam required and candidates are exempt from the standard exam.
  • If an applicant has resided in Luxembourg for more than 5, but less than 20 years, then he/she must pass a language exam to demonstrate a good understanding of Luxembourgish; this exam is supervised by the Institut National de Langues (INL).

Regardless of which scenario applies to you, KLTS is a certified training company that can help you meet the language requirements to become a Luxembourg citizen.