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KLTS Management and Leadership Training

Today's global marketplace is highly competitive and requires not only technical skills, but also management and leadership skills on all levels.

KLTS has developed a comprehensive catalogue of training courses to improve management and leadership skills, as well as personal effectiveness. Our catalogue ranges from courses on personal improvement, such as intercultural communication, conflict management and presentation skills, to management/leadership skills, such as delegation and empowerment, managing meetings and team leadership.

The uniqueness of KLTS' training services lies in our up-to-date course offering, the flexibility of our courses – all courses can be adapted to the individual requirements of our clients and they can be delivered in English, Luxembourgish, French, German or Spanish – and the quality of our trainers all of who have more than 10 years of experience in their chosen areas.

But more than just being knowledgeable about the subject matter, KLTS trainers are also highly skilled communicators, who make each course interesting and challenging. This combination of subject expertise and great communication skills makes KLTS training courses unique