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Workshop : Lessons from Financial Disasters


The often-quoted phrase of philosopher George Santayana Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it certainly applies to risk management. Studying past risk events is an effective way for risk managers to identify areas of exposure and manage them to prevent risks from materialising as losses in the future. This workshop uses real case studies as the basis for identifying key areas of risk and deciding how to manage them. Each case study forms the point of departure for analysing a specific risk and defining the measures required to deal with it.

Course Content

  • Different types of risks in financial services
  • Investment risk: Investing in high-risk financial instruments
  • People risk : Fraud, rogue traders and other cases
  • Systemic risk: Sub-prime crisis and other cases
  • Reputation risk: Reputation and financial services, impact of the press
  • Technology risk: Hardware crashes, software problems, physical security
  • Identifying high-risk processes
  • Applying case studies in risk management
  • Best-practice methods for managing different types of risk
  • Recent developments in risk management


1 day for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Risk managers and other financial service professionals with at least 3 years experience in financial services.