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Introduction to Derivatives


Although derivatives have a reputation of being high-risk financial instruments, they can be used effectively for hedging, arbitrage, financial engineering and speculation. Derivative markets are mostly limited to specialists, because of the complexity, large monetary value and high leveraging of these instruments. This course introduces participants to derivatives and their markets, both on exchanges and over the counter.

Course Content

  • Characteristics and types of derivatives
  • History and development of derivatives markets
  • How derivatives markets operate
  • Differences between exchange-listed and over-the-counter derivatives
  • Hedging with derivatives
  • Options : Characteristics, types, use and market practice
  • Futures and forward contracts: Characteristics, types, use and market practice
  • Swaps : Characteristics, types, use and market practice
  • Risks associated with derivatives


1 day for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to understand derivatives.