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International Financial Markets


The financial markets of the world are vast and extremely complex. Yet each market has its unique characteristics, often making it difficult to understand. This course provides participants with a good understanding of different financial markets in terms of market characteristics, financial instruments, market activities and players.

Course Content

  • Purpose and characteristics of financial markets
  • Differences between market types
  • Characteristics of the instruments traded and settled in different financial markets : Debt instruments, equities, entitlements, derivatives and investment funds
  • The different activities in financial markets: Trading, matching, clearing, settlement and custody
  • Players in financial markets
  • Standards and technology used in financial markets
  • Risk in international financial markets
  • Trends that will shape financial markets in the future


2 days for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Financial service professionals who want to understand financial markets and the instruments traded and settled in them.