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Corporate Actions


The importance and complexity of corporate actions are often underestimated. Yet when corporate actions are not performed correctly, they can result in major losses. This course examines numerous aspects and types of corporate actions with the objective of providing participants with a good understanding of corporate actions and how they are processed.

Course Content

  • What are corporate actions?
  • Different players involved in processing corporate actions
  • Types of corporate actions
  • Corporate actions for equities (among others):
    - Annual and extraordinary general meetings of shareholders (AGM & EGM)
    - Proxy voting
    - Dividends
    - Splits and reverse splits
    - Exchanges
    - Mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs
    - Capital increases
  • Taxation
  • “Corporate actions” for debt instruments:
    - Coupon payments
    - Conversions
    - Exercising warrants
    - Drawings
    - Redemptions
  • “Corporate actions” for investment funds
  • Cash processing for corporate actions
  • Risks associated with corporate actions


1 day for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Financial service professionals who want to understand corporate actions.