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Fund Portfolios


One of the key determinants of fund performance is the composition of a fund’s portfolio. To understand the differences between funds, it is essential to understand the composition of their portfolios and the criteria used to evaluate a fund. This course analyses different types of fund portfolios and the different ways of evaluating their performance.

Course Content

  • Impact of portfolio composition on fund performance
  • Methods of fund management
  • Fund portfolios (bond funds, equity funds, money market funds)
  • Managing portfolios and portfolio risk
  • Using derivatives in fund portfolios
  • Methods for evaluating fund performance (e.g., alpha, beta, Sharpe ratio, tracking error)
  • Performance reporting
  • Investment strategies


2 days (1-day version also available) for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Financial service professionals with at least 1 year experience in the fund industry who want to understand fund portfolios.