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Project Financing for Entrepreneurs


Raising money to finance projects is an art that every entrepreneur must learn. Whether a project aims at developing a new product or improving an existing one, an effective entrepreneur must know the best way to raise money in accordance with the unique characteristics of each situation. This course covers various aspects of how to succeed at raising money quickly, effectively and under the best possible conditions. Participants get to practice presenting their business case with credibility. Videotaping is used for self- assessment.

Course Content

  • Preparing to obtain financing
  • Financing terms and sources
  • What does the bank expect?
  • Producing a business case
  • Preparing your negotiating position
  • Presenting a business case
  • Understanding your audience
  • Making an impact
  • Gaining credibility
  • Convincing your counterparty
  • Delivering a business case


2 days

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs who need to arrange the financing of a project.