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Project Management


Professional project management is a special management technique that must be studied and applied to achieve a high probability of success in the complex business world. Whatever the nature of the project, a successful project manager needs to understand the structure and stages of a project and have excellent people management skills. The objective of this course is to provide participants with the structure, tools and skills needed to understand and implement the best practice for project management.

Course Content

  • The responsibilities and functions of project managers
  • Understanding the project life cycle
  • Planning work effectively and efficiently
  • Developing a systematic approach to problem solving within projects
  • Tools and methods for managing projects
  • Evaluating projects in terms of objectives, scope, resources, time and quality
  • Identifying project risks and the tactics for dealing with them
  • Managing change in projects
  • Dealing with communication issues in projects
  • Documenting projects


2 days

Target Audience

People who want to develop their project management skills.