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Recruitment Interviewing


Recruitment interviews involve more than sitting in a room, asking a variety of questions and following our gut feeling to decide whether a candidate is suitable. The purpose of the job interview is to gather sufficient and relevant data and accurately evaluate applicants to make the right choice. The course addresses the practical skills required for the recruitment process from planning to the interview follow-up. It focuses on behavioural-based techniques to make more effective recruitment decisions.

Course Content

  • The purpose of recruitment interviews
  • Planning the selection process
  • Preparing competency-based specifications
  • Stages of the interviewing process
  • Interviewing and effective communication skills
  • Phrasing behavioural competency questions
  • Evaluating the information to make recruitment decisions
  • Following-up after an interview


1 day

Target Audience

Managers and professionals who want to develop their recruitment interviewing skills.