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Customer Service in the Fund Industry


In the international fund industry, customers often judge a fund by the quality of service that they receive from the fund’s agents. These customers can include private and institutional investors, as well as distributors and fund managers. In most cases, the customers do not see the fund’s agents physically, so they judge the agent and the fund by the quality of service that they receive over the telephone or by E-mail. The focus of this course is on how to deliver excellent customer service in the fund industry over the telephone and by E-mail. The course ensures a practical orientation through the use of numerous exercises and role-plays that are based on realistic situations in the fund industry.

Course Content

  • Customer service over the telephone
  • The importance of telephone-based customer service in the fund industry
  • Effectively managing customer calls
  • Tools for effective customer communication
  • Importance of non-verbal communication over the telephone
  • Dealing with cultural differences among customers
  • Handling difficult situations with customers
  • Communicating with customers by E-mail
  • Characteristics of written communication
  • Best practice use of E-mail
  • Accuracy in E-mails
  • Security of E-mail
  • Efficiency tools for E-mail


2 days

Target Audience

Professionals in the fund industry who want to improve their customer service skills.