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Managing Customer Relationships


Customer service has become more important than ever, giving new meaning to the old adage «the customer is king». Good customer service, however, is more than just «bowing before the king». It means understanding the customer’s requirements, managing the customer’s expectations and meeting or even exceeding those expectations. Good customer service requires a wide range of expertise that encompasses communication and language skills, technical knowledge and particularly a desire to meet the customer’s expectations. The objective of this course is to help participants improve their skills in communicating directly with customers and effectively managing customer relationships to provide excellent service. A full range of situations is covered from initial contact through to handling awkward customers and complaints. Consideration is also given to cultural issues and the handling of relationships with customers of different nationalities.

Course Content

  • Evaluating the “moments of truth” in service delivery
  • Listening to customers and communicating with them effectively
  • Managing customer expectations
  • Retaining existing customers
  • Handling difficult customers and complaints
  • Using customer relationship management (CRM) to get the most out of relationships with customers
  • Performing service recovery to retain unhappy customers
  • Identifying opportunities for relationship development


1 or 2 days for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

People involved in managing customers.