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Team Building


Team building is a useful process to unite employees around a common goal, generate greater productivity and develop as a cohesive unit. Team members share expectations for accomplishing team goals and objectives. The team- building workshop encourages people to communicate with each other, to develop mutual trust and appreciation. Through discussions, brainstorming and practical activities, they learn more about each other, clarify team purposes and goals and come up with new ideas. The workshop fosters a positive effect on morale and motivation of the team and its individuals that is transferable to the workplace. To ensure its effectiveness, the team-building event is tailor-made to the specific situation of the organisation. A variety of practical activities can be selected.

Course Content

  • The meaning of “team”
  • Stages in team development and learning to work as a team
  • Clarifying team goals and direction
  • Communicating as a team
  • Appreciating individual styles and diversity in the team
  • Team projects
  • Key points for improving teams


1 day or 2 days

Target Audience

Teams that want to develop their cohesiveness and productivity.