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Influencing and Assertiveness


This course is designed for people who need to influence others and build positive relationships at work. Participants learn to develop influencing strategies that help build their confidence and credibility in working with different personalities. They also learn and apply assertiveness methods to enhance mutually beneficial communication and gain the support and commitment of others.

Course Content

  • The meaning of influencing
  • Differences with persuading, manipulating or negotiating
  • Building credibility in an organisation
  • Influencing outcomes with integrity
  • Understanding behavioural styles
  • The barriers to effective influencing
  • Listening and assertiveness
  • Becoming assertive and the three styles of relating to others
  • How rights and beliefs, thoughts and emotions affect us
  • Understanding and applying methods of assertion


1 day for up to 12 participants

Target Audience

Anyone who wishes to improve his influencing skills and develop assertiveness.